Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Langkawi 2013 - A 'belangkas' trip

In my recent visit to Langkawi, we paid a trip to a 'sangkar ikan'. Well it worth a visit as we met Pak Su - a 30 years experience fisherman. Pak Su is a nice man willing to share his experience and knowledge

Pak Su 'sangkar-ikan'
My kids never seen any 'belangkas' or king crab before and they were very exciting. A belangkas is one of sea-life normally living in a sandy area. The male is smaller than female. So you can predict if the following is male of female right.
Pak Su started explaning about 'belangkas' to my kids
The bottom-side of the 'belangkas'. If it is a female then there are eggs attach to the body
Pak Su is explaning the different between male and female 'belangkas' in great detail.
Well it worth paying for the boat rental in return for the information we gained. Thanks Pak Su and time to move to other place
For those who plan to visit Pak Su, please make the arrangement either in the morning or early afternoon especially when the sun still there. Sea-creatures became in-active at sunset.

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