Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dayang Bay Service Apartment and Resort - Langkawi

While having a vacation with family in Langkawi in December 2013... kids wanted to extend a day... Hu ha... during peak season... no reservation...  finding a room is so tough. Luckily while searching for places in Kuah - Pantai Cenang area all fully book, found
It is located in Kuah just before Shell petrol station if you are driving from Kuah. Well no hassle... the goole map below will help you find it.

Looking at the building... believe or not... we were few lucky customers... the hotel is a 2 days old-just open

Check in... the lobby is so huge and nicely decorated... off course this photo is taken at night
The kids want a sea-view and the sea-view is costing me RM100 more. Well after check in... it is worth. Have a look at the following photo. As people said... a photo worth more than a thousand words. My advise to you... take the right wings if you are choosing the 2nd floor
Well what say you? Worth additional RM100 ?

We took the family-suit which cost us RM460... not so sure if it is standard or just for us, we were given a suit and a standard 2 bed-room for 5 of us. The room is cozy and nice.... words alone cannot properly describe the condition. My wife told me.... the room is so cozy and it re-fresh her memory of our first honeymoon. Well you tell me
Do not worry if you bring along so many gadget. There are plenty of electric wall-socket. 4 in the bedroom, 2 in the hall and 2 in the balcony. Still not enough?

No point keep writing... just go there and experience it yourself/

I am writing this for no profit. It just that I am happy with the service and I want you to share my joy-full experience there


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