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Koh Samui - Halal food, accommodation and beaches

On 5-7 of May 2016... on a mission to meet friends in Samui Island who are returning from their trip from 1000 corners trip and in conjunction of Samui Bike Week 2016. The trip is a repeat from 2014 visit also on Samui BW 2014. I am not going to share my trip there in this write up, instead to share on accommodation and food specifically on halal food, and its beautiful beaches. For my trip... I will be writing a new post. Just for that.


There are plenty of guest house, hotels, villa, backpacking hostels available. The one I would like to share here is where I spent my night in Koh Samui. Located at 9.46901, 100.04514 the Sisophon Resort offers 4 types of rooms
  1. THB280 fan only
  2. THB600 acc room
  3. THB700 acc room with camping space on the roof
  4. THB800 acc room with kitchen

Halal food

For non-muslim.... you may skip this paragraph. No worry for you. Not just plenty but too many good food for you at a good price.
  1. Fareast Halal Restaurant
    Located at gps point 9.537379, 100.058441. You may also search in the google map and you will find it. I have not been there as the point given to me earlier is missed by few kilometers. Price is good there.

  2. Halal Food
    This one, I have been there. It is on the same road as (1). The gps point is 9.537379, 100.058441.
    I have proposed to google to add a missing place in google map with photos. Seems that google did not accept my recommendation. The shop is run by a Kelantanese-speaking man with his daughter for breakfast and lunch. At night his son manage the roti canai stall in from of the shop.

    A lunch for two person, nasi putih and ayam goreng for two, and a bowl of soup, cha yen and drinking water cost us THB70 each. Boleh la kan.

  3. Halal Food stall
    This one located at 9.482471, 99.954253. This is tapau type - take away - for breakfast. Go there early. We stopped there at 9.30am there is no more chicken rice. Food such as nasi briyani, nasi puteh and ayam goreng, pulut pelam is available for a very good price.

    While we were looking for nasi here, we were informed, on the way to Raja Ferry Terminal, there are two more shops selling halal food.

  4. Halal Food stall near Samui military base
    Mir notice on the stall
    Verified - Street view
    As were informed on the two more shops selling halal food otw to the ferry pier.... we started to look around. We notices one shop here at gps point 9.48896, 99.9281 and later confirmed by photos and google map street view. Most probably this shop selling roti canai as we could not locate any food bins

  5. Halal Food near Raja Ferry terminal
    Just next to the front gate of Raja Ferry Terminal in Koh Samui, or known as Samui International Port there is another halal food shop. The gps point is 9.482122, 99.928794. There is nasi putih and nasi briyani there. I would like to advise you that lauk for nasi putih is so pedas. Just put a small portion of kuah is enough. However there is no hot water or cha-yen here. Only nasi.

  6. Melayu Samui Seafood - updated 15-May-2016
    Mir wanted to bring us here for a dinner on 6th-May BUT he could not locate the place. Upon returned we checked back and found it. However it is not recommended according to some of ATM member due to its price. Too high compare to old days. Perhaps it is famous now. Anyway no one stop you from having your food there. The gps point is 9.439046, 100.022323. Appreciate if you enjoy your food there now, please provide me your comments.
So who says it is difficult to eat halal food in Koh Samui. There are two more places but we could not locate accurately. The location will be updated later once confirmation is obtained.

I do remember in 2014... it is so difficult to get halal food as in 2016. Thank you Samuian.


There are many beautiful beaches in Koh Samui. For me, I prefer Lamai Beach. A beautiful beach....
There are a lot of things you can find there. In the morning.... may farangs enjoy their jogging... in the afternoon shops started to open. In the evening until next dawn.... people are moving here and there

Apart from Lamai.... there are many other beaches such as Chaweng Beach, Bophut Beach, Maenam Beach, Lipa Noi Beach, Taling Ngam, Choeng Mon Beach, Hua Thanon and Bang Kao, Nathon Town Beach, Silver Beach, Thong Krut.... I named all beaches in Koh Samui. Hua Thanon and Bang Kao is the least develop beach. Be there and you know what I meant by that.

How to get there

I think everybody knows how to go to the Koh Samui.... so no need to explain in depth. Just get yourself to Donsak and go to ferry terminal. There are two - to go with your vehicle - ie. Raja Ferry Terminal
or Seatrans Ferry Terminal. Both are on the same route. You found one, means you found the other. Personally, I prefer Raja due to its ferry type. The ferry is not as new as Seatrans one but it is nicer. There are many ports in the ferry you can enjoy your time, either with friends or alone. Try one la and see for your self. BTW I have posted some photos to google map here. You can see the photos there. I am not sure on Raja ferry schedule but you can view the Seatrans ferry schedule here.

Ouch.... I nearly missed a vital information on the ticket price. For a small bike like mine it cost THB170 while those bigger one THB220. The ticket price is for you and your bike. Price still same as 2 years ago despite the oil price increase. Those with car... or lorry.... sorry... no idea. Perhaps information counter can help you.

You may click here to go to homepage for additional reading.

Additional write up

I will continue update this page on halal food in Koh Samui as and when info is available.

Additional info

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