Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A step to Angkor Wat (Indochina 2013)

Day 3... we woke up at 6 in the morning taking a cool bath. The water heater is not functioning. The water was cold.. like ice water. As we heading down to the reception to check out our tuk-tuk driver is already down there. Waiting for us as early as 6 as we told him we will depart at that time last nite.

Straight down to the Triple 5 Restaurant... we stop to reload the mobile phone. Cheap. US2 for every 1GB data. It was very cold. A bit warm is very much appreciated
The we headed to the restaurant. Well after the tuk-tuk driver drop us he continues his journey....
Look like one right...
In a cold morning... a hot teh tarik, Malaysian style is the best... only the condense milk from Cambodia. The key ingredient is imported from Malaysia
It tool a while for the nasi lemak to ready. Teh tarik and nasi lemak - truly Malaysian breakfast
Seems that a plate of nasi lemak is not enough. Another true Malaysian dish - roti canai
Wow... we are now a python. Lazy to move BUT we need to go to the Angkor Wat. After paying the US22 breakfast meal we hop the tuk-tuk
Stop a while to set up my Note II for internet accss. The SMART service was marvellous. The beautiful front desk assistant mmmmmm so handy at work.
Can you see the road sign? We are close...

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