Thursday, January 2, 2014

Indochina 2013 trip - Day 1 (Part 3)

At 4.30pm, our special express train, no 42, started moving from Hat Yai Junction towards Bangkok. What a relief. Not sure what happened BUT both of us were so busy. Busy doing nothing and did not take any photo until the train move.

About 10 mins a beautiful thai-stewardess started distributing food. At 5 we were served dinner!!!!
Our dinner consist of a simple meal. A rice, an egg and type of 'sambal'. Muslims traveller no worry. All food are Halal. Got halal chop meh
Just after meal... we fall asleep. Perhaps too tired. Don't forget we started our journey at 6.30am. Sometimes at 10pm we were serve a light meal.
Nothing much happened after the last meal and nothing to see too as it was already dark. The train stopped at a few stations and more passengers pop in.

At 5am we already in Bangkok. Perhaps the schedule is too busy we were keep waiting until about 7am. Then we noticed... there were a group of people waving Thailand flag marching towards the city. We were informed these are part of a big crowd of protestors - politic matter
I could not remember clearly BUT it was about 8am we arrived to Hua Lam Phong Railway Station. Our final destination on a railway track. It was 3 hours behind schedule, so we have to cancel our short trip to the famous Bangkok Floating Market
Since we forgot to take a photo of the special express train in Hat Yai, we make sure we did in Bangkok. It is a 4 cars train. No wonder it is so fast
We took showers for a 20 baht, a breakfast that cost 40 baht each. There is a store of muslim food in the station so we have no problem in having breakfast except that there is only 1 menu ready. Well better have something rather than none.

We have only two photos of the station for a record and we share with you
The articles continue...

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