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Bangkok - Aranyapathet - Poipet - Siem Riep (Indochina 2013)

Our plan for the day is to travel from Bangkok to Arayanpathet and then crossing the border to Poipet, then continue to our destination Siem Riep. The route covers two nation.

Prior to departing to Chatuchak Bus Terminal, we consulted the information center again for confirmation. For information, there are two bus terminal in Bangkok. One is for traveling to Southern Thailand while the other is the Chatuchak. The information counter officer directed us to take a subway to Kampheng Phet station and then ride a motor taxi to the station
The subway cost us 40 baht each while the motor taxi another 40 baht. Then we arrive at the Chatuchak Bus Terminal
We were very lucky. Upon purchasing the bus ticket that cost us 284 baht we were directed to the platform as the bus is waiting for a departure. Remember do not forget the word VIP every time you purchase a ticket. Don't believe me well try for yourself
The VIP deserve a VIP treatment right.... Well meal are serve prior to departure from the station. Not sure what is inside the box. Looking for 'HALAL' word but it is not there. We choose not to eat.
The bus departed at 9.30am.

The first stop was about an hour journey. Filling up the gas tank - the NGV. Can you see our bus there. Only one bus there. That is for a VIP like us LOL.
After about 20 mins stop, the bus continue its journey. It is a slow and steady moving bus. Stop at each bus station - a big one like photo in a Tha Chang town... big right with a smiley face
Have you ever seen a traffic box ? Well we managed to capture one.
We arrived Arayanpathet at about 2.30pm. That is 5 hour journey. Do not surprise along the way and army officer / policeman board and ask for your traveling document. It is norm. So watch for your document. Else you will be asked to board-off the bus and you will be left wherever you were stop.

The bus stop about 400 meter from the border. So need to walk. There are plenty of tuk-tuk and motor taxi offering their service BUT we are Malaysian. Malaysian likes to walk under a hot sun. Ha ha ha.

Immigration process is very smooth on a Thai side. No Custom check at all.

Approaching the Cambodia side mmmmmmmmm there it starts. Anyway every problem got it solution.
There were about 200 people waiting at the Cambodia Immigration counter. It is not moving after about 30 mins. More people queuing. While waiting, a tour agent approach us for a bus to Siem Riep. 350 baht each and we were given a sticker. Never take out the sticker or loosing it. That is the identification. Losing it mean you loose your 350 baht.
However we advise fellow traveler DO NOT purchase the ticket there. Buy at the bus station. It cost you US5 for a bus and US9 for a taxi van

Get back to the long que. Well we seek for help. The above photo shows the officer we seek for help and the key word is very simple. "Express ?" and show our passport. 200 baht quote the officer. 200 baht each and we handed our passport. "Follow follow". We bypass the long line and ask to wait at the back door of the Immigration office. 5 mins later the officer came out and handed our passport. Worth right.

Upon clearing the immigration process we board a shuttle bus to Poipet bus station. FREE lor. Remember we ask for express lane? Well not everything works fine. We were ask to wait for more than 2 hours for bus getting full. We met fellow traveler who is queuing behind us at the immigration office. Ha Ha Ha

At about 7pm the bus roll its wheel to Poipet. We stop for a meal in the middle of the rod to Siem Riem. Again.... nothing we can eat. Only a US50 cent cup of coffee as a dinner
Arrived at bus station at about 10.30pm. We were lucky to arrange for a hotel from the border. Someone waiting for us and we have a tuk-tuk ride to our 700 baht hotel
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