Thursday, January 14, 2016

My New Plan - Sometimes in May 2016 - Part II

This article is a continuation from the earlier posting on my planning for May 2016. In the earlier part the coverage was more on a sketches and now is the detail.

This article covers my plan in Kanchanaburi. I would like to continue put up a proper planning so that I will not miss any good spot during the ride. In Kanchanaburi the plan is to ride from city to a small town name Nam Tok
Route Death Railway to Nam Tok 90km
It is a 90km riding. Most probably an hour ride.

On the way to Nam Tok most probably to pay a visit to Prasat Mueng Sing Historical Park. Photo taken from Google Map looks so interesting. Thanks for the photographer.
Prasat Muang Sing Historical Park
From the historical site will ride to Nam Tok. Then from Nam Tok plan to take a train back to Tham Krase Railway Station. There are beautiful scenery along the railway which I do not plan to miss.
Train : Nam Tok Bangkok
Train : Bangkok Nam Tok
Need to carefully study the train time table so that will not miss the train schedule. Most probably need to spend a night in Nam Tok.
Train : Ticket
From Nam Tok will ride to Dam Wachira. It is a 90km ride further north. The view of the lake is simply amazing. How could I miss this place.
Route Nam Tok to Wachira Down Services

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